For us, the starting point for thinking and making new things is the social brain: we believe that in our core, we are all very social creatures. This is because of evolution. Back in the days, your chances of survival were way higher if you were in a group of people. This brain function is so deeply incorporated in our brains, that it's this very reason that we worry about what others think of us, as of today.

Social brain

Image 1. The brain and its corresponding levels of need (Seelen & Rezaei, 2010).

This means the people around someone in your target group play an important role in their decision making. If you want to come up with even better products and services for your target group than you already have, you'll need to start understanding these social influences. We have created a lot of frameworks, tools and methods to help organizations uncover the social networks of their target groups.

We provide people an extra layer of thinking about their target groups. Our innovation labs, workshops and lectures help you understand and use this additional mindset to serve people even better.

In actie foto

Image 2. Mapping each other rides to work to discover potential ride shares among colleagues.

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